Sun Island

Sun Island’s 321 villas like gems adorn the surface of the Island, carefully packed to give the residents a new kind of luxury, experience a unique life experience that combines freedom and privacy in a clean, air-conditioned environment and escape from the four walls to embrace the spacious universe every morning.

The villas on Sun Island have been designed as a fascinating architectural art gallery combining dazzling design and smart technologies keeping in mind the future lifestyle smart living and artificial intelligence and robotics as well where a lot of things will be controlled through smart devices.

The whole objective of the villa design is to offer maximum comfort and happiness to the residents to suit their tastes and serve the future generations.

From a structural design point, the villas are elegantly designed to offer maximum benefits persquare feet to the property buyers with minimum cost. From an environment perspective, the villas are green buildings and consume less energy than other villas, helping reduce
carbon footprint.

From technology point of view, they are smart homes fully equipped with sensors and wireless. The villas add life to life both indoor and outdoor.